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Video Gallery

MT Propeller gives us, and our clients unmatched performance. We will be posting more videos soon! If you have a video of your airplane with an MT Propeller, please send it to us.

Jelly Ball Test (Mimics Bird Strike at FULL Power)

This test evaluates the results of a large bird strike to a MT Propeller at full RPM (Mach .90). Notice the flexibility and energy absorbing characteristics of the MT blade. No damage at all. The material following the Jelly Ball is the fiber wad used in the cannon.


Ice Ball Test

A 4" ice ball propelled at 90% of the speed of sound at the edge of an MT Composite propeller. Note the limited (repairable) damage that would not result in the loss of control, balance or vibration that is noted on strikes to an aluminum propeller blade.

Unlike the MT blade in the video above, the pictures below depict the results of an Ice Ball Test on a metal blade. The metal blade results show severe blade deformation that would lead to serious and dangerous vibration and tip separation.

Before Installation of MT 3 Blade Composite Propeller

Full power takeoff of a 180hp Husky with original 76" Hartzell prop, 350 feet.


After Installation of MT 3 Blade Composite Propeller

Full power takeoff of same 180hp Husky after installation of MT 3 blade composite propeller, 240 feet, identical weight and OAT.


MT Reversing Prop on Aviat Husky

MT Reversing Prop on Cessna 182

Larry Schlasinger Flying the Sukhoi Design I-3

Larry is an accomplished, award-winning airshow pilot who has performed for audiences around the world.


PPONK-3 Hot Props on Cessna 182

Husky 3 Blade in Deep Snow

Husky 3 blade takes off in deep snow.